Commercial Tire Services


Our dedicated team of technicians is trained to repair and replace tires of any size. If your commercial vehicle encounters issues while out on the road, we can arrive at the scene and get you back on tire road in no time. Call Alpha Roadside Assistance for professional and fast commercial tire service. We offer repairs and fleet tire services for any size tire.

Some of our commercial services include:

  • Semi-truck tire repair and installation
  • Tractor tire repair and installation
  • Fleet tire replacement
  • Fleet tire maintenance

We can repair and replace your tires with ease. With 12 years in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to keep your commercial vehicles running correctly.

Professional Commercial Tire Repair Services in Arizona

To keep things running smoothly, your commercial vehicle tires need to be inspected and provided with tire maintenance regularly. Alpha Roadside Assistance is committed to repairing or replacing commercial tires at your location so that your business can keep moving. We can service vehicles of all sizes at your location. Our technicians are trained and certified to handle tires found on a:

  • Van
  • Semi-truck
  • Box truck
  • Delivery van
  • Tractor-trailer

When you call us, one of our expert technicians will arrive at the scene so your crew can still keep on working while their tire is being replaced. There is no need to Waste a whole day at a tire shop just to replace a tire. We perform repairs at the customer location, saving you time and money. If you're on the freeway or at a job site or even at your office, we come to you and replace out the tire or Repair it so you do not have to worry about downtime.

While we work, you can stay in the office or the worksite. There is no need to worry about your plans for the day we will get you back on the road. All Alpha technicians are dedicated to getting your vehicle back on the road.

We offer fleet tire service, as well. It can be challenging to maintain and service commercial vehicle tire in large quantities. However, our team is always ready to take on your large fleet. At Alpha Roadside Assistance, no size is too big. We can service your fleet of vehicles, maintaining the same quality for the next vehicle as the last.

Call Alpha Roadside Assistance for tire servicing needs!

Commercial Tire Installation Services

Our commercial roadside assistance includes tire installation. It is almost impossible to avoid flat tires. While we can do our best to prevent them, there is no way to dodge them completely. On the bright side, we can replace the tires for you.

Here are some tips for avoiding flat tires as best as possible:

  • Regularly check the tire for external damage, such as cracks and punctures
  • Regularly check tire pressure
  • Change tires when nearing their expiration date

If your tires feel shaky or make a hissing sound while sitting, the chances are that a flat tire is coming your way. If you experience a flat while on the road, you should:

  • Turn on the emergency lights
  • Slow down and safely pullover
  • Call Alpha Roadside Assistance for truck and car tire repair and installation

Ignoring flat tires can have serious consequences. It can pose dangers to the structure of your vehicle and threatens driver safety. When driving with a flat, there can be:

  • Structural damage to the tire
  • Damage to the entire vehicle
  • Loss of control leading to accidents

It is important to regularly care for tires to avoid tire blow outs and damage in the future. However, unexpected incidents do occur, and flat tires happen. That’s why we are here. Call us at Alpha Roadside Assistance commercial tire installation services!

Brands We Work with

We take our customers’ vehicle issues very seriously. If you do not have a properly functioning large fleet of vehicles, your business cannot run smoothly. To match our professionalism level in the industry, we only work with the best brands in the industry. We want to serve your vehicles so that they end up better than when we started. Here are the brands we work with:

  • Toyo
  • Hankook
  • Goodyear
  • Crosswind
  • Leo
  • Wildtrail
  • Nitto
  • Firestone
  • Continental Sumitomo
  • Winrun
  • Antares
  • Accelera
  • Michelin
  • BF Goodrich

For trailer tire services, we work with Trailer King. For mud tires, we offer Mud Claw and BF Goodrich. As for SUVs, we use Kumho.

No tire size can stop us from completing repairs when it comes to commercial vehicles. We can service anything from a van tire and an 18-wheeler tire. Nothing can stop us from fixing your heavy-duty tire, big truck tire, farm tire, or tube tire. We also service:

  • LT tires
  • ST tires
  • P Metric tires
  • All-terrain tires
  • Mud tires
  • All season tires

All tires are not made the same. That is why all our technicians are trained in servicing various tires- no matter their size.

We must always maintain quality in our service and the equipment we use to repair your commercial vehicle. Call Alpha Roadside Assistance for quality that comes firsthand!

Why Choose Alpha Roadside Assistance?

Make Alpha Roadside Assistance your primary tire service provider. We are always prepared to get your commercial vehicle back in business. Our 24/7 mobile tire service is available at any hour all week. Thus, even late at night, you can count on us to help when an issue arises.

Alpha also offers emergency tire service. When it comes to commercial vehicles, you are most likely transporting essential goods. Sticking to a schedule is crucial. When you get a flat or something just does not feel right, you can call our emergency services for a quick response.

You can rely on our work because all our technicians are properly certified. They have accumulated years of experience in the industry of servicing vehicles. Therefore, they know how to handle any tire situation that may arise. To seal the deal, we always offer reasonable prices. Expensive does not always mean top-quality. We price our services fairly so that you pay the exact amount for top-notch quality and service.

Semi Tire Repair Near Me

There is no need to search high and low for a top-quality tire service provider. We assist commercial vehicle owners in Arizona. As a local company, we can service and repair your vehicle with a friendly smile, leaving behind a satisfactory job.

Call Alpha Roadside Assistance for high-quality tire repairs and installations for your commercial vehicles. No tire is too big, and no issue is too small.